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Monthly Archives: February 2012

When can we relocate to St. John?

When you here the term “paradise on earth” this must be why that saying was created. The island of St. John was A.M.A.ZING! The people, the scenery, the ocean, everything was so beautiful and serereal. We are coming back with our kids to this island, our most favorite on the trip. I remember thinking when […]

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Puerto Rico from the lens

Part II of our trip..first port, Puerto Rico. (Ok so just so you are not confused, the first set of pictures are when we were leaving Miami). So back to Puerto Rico…what a beautiful and old city! We went to the government building which was so ornate and so artistic. I loved all the colors! […]

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Time Away on the Sea

Cory and I went away for 10 day cruise with Cory’s company to St. Maartin, St. John, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. It was quite the feat to organize child care for my 5 monkeys. Suffice to say, it took a village! I really really missed my kids and it was so hard to be […]

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My Father In Law

He is kind, gentle and very giving with his time. He loves my kids unconditionally. When my kids were little, they used to call him the “choo choo grandpa” because he loved trains and has a large outdoor train set in his yard. Now he is called the “bunny farm” grandpa! He has about 30+ […]

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