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Being sick is NO fun for anyone!

Wowzers! Did we ever get slammed with the flu bug this year!  Three of our monkey’s got the flu..Romy, Cruz and Beckam.  The boys were hit the hardest.  They were sick with throw up, high fever, diarrhea then intense stomach pains.  This nasty bug lasted for each person 10 days!!!  It was awful! I especially felt bad for Speedracer.  He was sick for two important events.  His first piano Encore performance and his Baptism.  He was a trooper though.  He put on a happy face and you would have never known how sick he was.  After each event, he immediately came home and laid in bed and screamed in pain.  I felt so bad for all of them!  It was the WORST!!!  I never want to have this bug in our house again!

I took some other pictures on my iPhone of the ninja Cruz so here is just the sick princess.  It wasn’t a fun 5 days for her and ME!  I’m glad we are all better now and I have time to get things done.


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