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Being sick is NO fun for anyone!

Wowzers! Did we ever get slammed with the flu bug this year!  Three of our monkey’s got the flu..Romy, Cruz and Beckam.  The boys were hit the hardest.  They were sick with throw up, high fever, diarrhea then intense stomach pains.  This nasty bug lasted for each person 10 days!!!  It was awful! I especially […]

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My Familia

Could it be?  FIVE kids are ours?  If you would have asked me 20 years ago…living in New York City,  living the dream, going to graduate school and being a “dink”….”How many kids do you wish to have?” We would have openly and gladly said “TWO” !  Welp, that didn’t happen and boy are we […]

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2012 Where did you go?

I’m having a really hard time believing that 2012 is already come and gone.   My bigger problem is that my little lady is already 2!  How do I turn back time?  I’ll pay BIG bucks for anyone who can tell me how to stop time.  I am just sad… More pictures coming soon!!!!!

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End of Summer

I have a lot of updating to do!  WOW already November!  My baby is 2 this month!  Where does time go?  We have been having too much fun and enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.  We know the snow is cominng so we have been spending every last minute outside. I love this time of […]

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