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Loose me in FOREVA in paradise

Each year, Cory’s company, School Improvement Network, takes their top salespeople on a cruise.  This year was the Caribbean. Our stops were Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Haiti.  It was paradise!  Time together was awesome!  The sun, fun and most of all relaxation!  When can we go again??

Sitting by ocean in Jamaica..sorry its blurry..can’t count on strangers to take a good photo! Maybe they were distracted by the scenery??

Car ride views of Jamaica

Living Legend Usain Bolt..The World’s Fastest Man.. Trained at this High School in Jamacia.  Kids were showing off and running around the “track” for us in Jamaica.

No explanation needed..we are a little TOO excited to not be chasing around 5 kids!

Relaxing poolside!

Pondering at Grand Cayman

Our super fun friends, the Moore’s and Peterson’s..In case you are wondering… I AM NOT pregnant!  The wind is just blowing up my dress!!

Touching sting rays in the ocean..yeah..I’ll pass on that one!  They are called Sting Rays for a reason people!!!! It was a fun ride out to the sand bar though.  Rode jet skis and couldn’t beat the sun and fun at Grand Cayman!


Yeah…we think vacations are more fun without kids! Playing at the beach in Haiti

Ok why didn’t someone tell me I need a freakin’ TAN!  Ugggghhh So this man really wanted to cut down a coconut from the tree.  Humm I wonder why?

My Jamaica friend making souvenirs for my little ones back home..

I took more pictures but reality is setting in and I probably won’t get around to editing them so I think this will have to do for now..

Until next year!!  Thanks SINET for a lovely time and what a great bunch of employees we have!


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shauna - Love your pics Lisa!!! My fav is the 3rd one from the bottom! Don’t think I would ever be brave enough to be jumping up and down in my swimsuit!!!!!!! 😀

My Familia

Could it be?  FIVE kids are ours?  If you would have asked me 20 years ago…living in New York City,  living the dream, going to graduate school and being a “dink”….”How many kids do you wish to have?” We would have openly and gladly said “TWO” !  Welp, that didn’t happen and boy are we glad!!  We love our children so so much!  Each and every one has a special place in our heart.  So V.E.R.Y.individual!  I really can’t believe that Ellek is 14, Klein is 11, Beckam is 8, Cruz is 4 and Romy is 2.  Seriously?  Where does the time go and how quickly it seeps away.  Just yesterday I was wishing that my little babies would learn how to walk, eat on their own, sleep through the night, change messy diapers, nurse on demand etc…  Now we wish to stop the clock and freeze all of them!!!!

This fall, we splurged and had family photos taken.  You see, I am always the one behind the camera.  It was a treat to have someone else take care of business!  The kids did great.  It was super fun and not even stressful (once we arrived) and it was surprisingly relaxing!  It was so exciting to see how someone else would see our kids and their personalities. A perfect capture to say the least!

It took a bit to get them all back but boy was it worth the wait in gold!  Thanks Diana!  I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!


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shauna - BEAUTIFUL family Lisa!!!! Love you!

End of Summer

I have a lot of updating to do!  WOW already November!  My baby is 2 this month!  Where does time go?  We have been having too much fun and enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.  We know the snow is cominng so we have been spending every last minute outside. I love this time of year! Here is a recent session I did with my kiddos.  I even snuck a photo of my hubba hubs!  How lucky was that!


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Kimberly Bonham - Your work is just amazing!!
Found your site through The Pink Peonies blog!
Newest follower!!

Lovin’ Summer

We are having a blast this summer.  Went to 4th of July in Idaho this year.  Sooo fun!  The kids played with the cousins, ate at our favorite spot, Outpost Cafe, caught up with some old schoolmates, climbed at the City of Rocks, was in the community parade, ran in some races, swam at the natural hot springs and learned a little more about our ancestors (who knew that we had a great great uncle that invented Dr. Pepper!)  It’s been a fun summer and have lots more to share but gotta run.  Here’s some quick shots from this past weekend.   LOVE  Summer!!!!





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