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Spring Break in NYC

This year we decided to take the three older boys to NYC. It was a blast!! We were able to do so many things. One of the highlights was seeing Spiderman on Broadway. It was the perfect show for the boys. They loved all the special effects and especially the U2 music! We took them to all the special places around, 9/11 Memorial, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, campus of Columbia University, subways trips and much more. I would say this was one of my favorite trip with the kids. It was great to stay out late, eat and nice restaurants. Cory and I lived in NYC for 2 years so we wanted to take the kids back and show them some of our favorite spots. We were even able to go into our old apartment building and show them where we lived! I freaked them out a bit when I took them to the deep dark dungeon to where I did our weekly laundry. The basement was always infested with cockroaches crawling about. Ewwww boy did I hate that!! After that experience boy am I ever so grateful for my own set of washers and dyers! I loved having my camera there to capture all the special moments and expressions.

The next 3 pictures are so special. I was at the right place at the right time. As I was taking pictures of the 9/11 memorial, I happen to overhear a conversation that two fire fighters were having. I was choked up and tears were running down my face. The gentleman in the firefighter jacket was telling story after story of all the people on the memorial plaques. HE WAS THERE! HE witnessed this horrific tragic day of 9/11. He was one of the lucky ones that made it that day. Thank you Ladder 35 for your stories. You touched my heart and I will never forget!

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I am still here!

What? It’s already end of May? Where does time go? I can’t believe it is almost summer around here! So many things have gone on since I last checked in. Suffice to say, this blog has been on my low priority list. However, today I make a comeback. The kids are growing up so quickly. Before you know it, it will be over and they will all be grown up. Some days I would like that but other days I wouldn’t. I am a photographer. This is my story of my kids. Please help me do better! Comment if you will so I can have some motivation to keep this blog updated! Need your help! Anyone out there??? Below photo is taken by the crazy 3 yr old..he’s pretty darn good! Ii never get in any photos so why not start with the CRAZY MOM!!!!

No particular order to these pictures. Just can’t believe how big my kiddos are getting.

What? Romy is 18 months?!!! She is walking, talking and doing everything B.U.S.Y. Man, she is a go getter. More so that all the 4 boys put together. I need to get my A game on to keep up with her!

Cruz well that boy is one spunky 3 yr old and in charge! He loves to tell all of us how things are going to go down, especially when we are wrong. He let’s us know and doesn’t forget…see I told you. And yes, he is 99.9% right. He runs this tribe!

Beck is ever so 7. That boys has more energy than the bunny. I tell you that kid is going places. He is so lovable and by far the happiest and momma pleaser there is!

Klein is a such the furious reader. Can’t buy the books fast enough. He always has a pack of kids running around in the neighborhood. He is 10 soon to be 11. Stop growing will ya!

Ellek is my serious thinker. He did a bold move this spring. He went out on a limb and ran for student council. I couldn’t believe it! He did an awesome campaign around ROCK with Ellek. He played several guitar ensembles that he made up in front of 300 kids at a student assembly. Man, he’s got guts! He is 13 and boy do I love that age! Having a teenager ROCKS!

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Amber Linton - Hilarious picture of Romy and static hair!! I cannot believe that when i first met you Romy was a week old and it was Thanksgiving. Now, she is walking!!!! I always love looking at your great pictures! You have such a talent! I need you to come take pics of my little guy!!

Pam Hales - These pictures are so great-you are very talented! Like you said, Cruz is a pretty good photographer too. I love those pictures of you. So fun and cute!

Debra Condie - Nice to see you are not sitting on your you know what. The pictures are really good. We will have to get together once in a while. Memorial day was a bust sitting in the snow and rain at Bear Lake. But at least we were together! Hope life is good for you little sister.

Shauna - Cute collection of your kids Lisa! I LOVE the ones of Ellek!!

Havin’ Fun Last Summer

I don’t know why I didn’t see these pictures until now! There are some real keepers in there. We went up one afternoon at Sundance and took some family photos. It was so fun and we love Sundance. It is such a peaceful and beautiful escape from the fast pace schedules we live. I am so glad I took this series as I was able to capture Beck’s broken arm in a cast! I just LOVE my kids. I do have other kids other than what has been posted! The older boys are much harder to get now and so I have to set a time to take there picture. My project for the week!

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He’s my Dad

I love when my parents come to visit. It’s not very often they come see us as it is getting harder and harder for my Dad to get around. My kids love it too! He taught me strong values. How to work hard, stick with the task until it is done, ride a horse, how to cuss at people that tick me off (not sure that is a value got my temper from him!), take good care of your things, how to drive, wear things out, manage money and many many others. He’s a tough love kinda guy. He doesn’t talk much but I know he loves me and I love him! He raised me to be the person I am and I so appreciate all that he has done for me. He’s my DAD! Oh that last picture…well that’s Romy girl looking up at him..she adores him and calls him “bampa”. So cute!

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Lisa - I LOVE the photo of your dad in his cowboy hat by the stairs! All of these photos are terrific! Wow! You’re an amazing photographer!

Carin - Love this series.
I need to take more like these of my parents!
Love your new blog!

Let’s plan that lunch date once and for all!! :)