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Teenager in the house

I really can’t believe he is 13 years old today. Where has the time gone? He is my first born. I had to learn everything with him. He is the brave one. He made me a mother. Without him, I would be lost, alone and selfish. He has brought so much joy into my life. I remember when you were born, a 16 hour labor. You were worth it. All the hard stuff usually is. You have done me proud my son! I love you way more than you can ever imagine! Thirteen things I love about you:

Intelligent (I mean really really smart) Have you ever gotten a B in your life?
Spiritual with a soft spoken heart
Tender towards your sister
Persistant…you climbed to the very top of Lone Peak
Always willing to help me out when I ask
You are my right hand man when Dad is out of the house
Computer Genius
Loyal Friend
Have mad guitar skills
Great example for always choosing the right
Strong Testimony of Jesus Christ
Passionate about technology
Tender towards your grandparents
I Love you!!!

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shauna - Cute. Clean. Simple. YOU!

Kelsi - Amazing talent! And beautiful pictures! What a special tribute to your son! He’s a lucky boy to have such a wonderful Mom! :)

A fresh start

This is my journey through life.
I love my husband because he supports my own pursuit of happiness.
I love my children because they are innocent.
I love my hobby as it expresses who I am.
I love to express my ideas through pictures.
This is my story…one photograph at a time.

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Cory - nice job babe!

Debra - Wow You have a gift.

Lisa - Amazing, girlfriend!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!

Amy - Love it. You are so talented.